Friday, April 9, 2010

The Temple

To update everyone and to bring you all to speed.... I just bought a town house in clearfield that is pretty sweet I should be closing on it by the end of this month YEA!!! PS yes I am taking Uncle Sam up on his 8 G's. Its a great time to buy and if your in the market you might as well buy now and get a kick back.

I am still working at the jail as a mental health therapist. It is a lot of fun and I like the people I work with. We are switching up the way we do mental health there and I will now only be running groups. I think it will be a good balance and a lot of fun. Change is always good right?

I also am working at the Trauma Awareness and Tx center. We specialize in trauma and they are filling me up with clients fast. All of them are heavy trauma cases and most my clients can be classified as seriously and persistenty mentally ill (SPMI) for short. Needless to say with all these things happening at once I have been very stressed out and anxious. So I decided I need to start going to the temple regularly and ground myself better. I need to start taking care of myself better, mentally, spiritually and physically.

I called up my mom to see if she wanted to go to the temple with me since she hates going by herself. I always feel so calm and relaxed and at peace when I am in the temple. But tonight there was something so touching and beautiful to see that I was overcome with emotion.

There was this older couple that had to be in their 90's. AS I stood there in the celestrial room with my mom talking. I witnessed this couple find eachother and with tears in their eyes looked at eachother with so much love and I heard the women say, "wasn't that wonderful, isn't this wonderful." Her husband to had tears in his eyes and said it was beatiful, he then took her in his arms and together they held eachother as they wept tears of joy and expressed their love for eachother. I am single but when I get married I want it to be someone who will love me like that, someone I can grow old with and still be so in love.

It made me think about how the next life will be, seeing how they were very advanced in years. I could almost picture them when they die and one passes on before the other. they would be there amoungst the crowds in heaven waiting, searching looking to embrace eachother again and say wasn't life wonderful isn't heaven wonderful? I am very grateful that I was blessed enough to be able to catch this very private moment with this couple and to be so touched by it. I thought I would take the time and share it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wow it's been awhile since I have written anything. Thank Michelle for making me write. For me writing can be a treacherous task. I often times don't have much time on my hands to do anything, however since my little four wheeling stunt I have found a lot more time to write and waste on the Internet.
So to bring you all up to speed since September... I went on a cruise with my friend and two of her family members, check my facebook for pics, since I am pretty much ignorant on how to use this blogspot thing to post pictures and make it all cool. We went to the Mexican Riviera and I was in heaven, it was so beautiful and I could have stayed there longer. I loved the fact that I could talk with the locals in their native tongue and get screaming deals on all their goods they were selling. You should check out my sweet hammocks and mask. Speaking of the mask, I had my friend take it home with her because she was driving and I didn't have room in my suitcase. So I was suppose to go to Panguitch the next weekend to go pick it up and go 4wheeling. Man does that mask stink. I didn't know it was made of a mixture of fish and cow leather. It was smelling rather fishy when I got it.
I wanted to go 4wheeling on the cruise and I was going to shell out over $100 to go, however my friend Cori talked me into waiting and going for free at her house in Panguitch, Utah. I said that works for me. Well come to find out my mad dog skills on the 4wheeler have become quite a bit rusty and I had never driven a 2 person ATV before. Long story short, I sent us spinning and rolling. The 4wheeler landed on me and my friend. I ended up going to the ER for xrays and now have these stellar silver walkmates. I went to a specialist here in WJ and he says I tore my ACL and probably my meniscus. I think he his full of crap and doesn't know what he is talking about because my MRI said it was a sprain. Anyway he gave me a new leg brace and confined me to desk work. Talk about boring, I don't get to respond to any crisis calls in the jail and I have to sit in booking all day and assess the people who come in.
I was all excited today and thought for sure I was going to see some action with the MCIRT team AKA(the men in black). They were going to have to rumble or at least throw a cell buster into one of the P-cells today because a guy was homicidal and threatening to kill the officers. He had a Hx of homicidal ideation, however he ended up being moved upstairs to the acute unit without incident, in fact I didn't even hear him or see him get moved.
I actually ditched my crutches the other day and have been using a cane. I'm going for a mental health version of the Dr. House look. If anything it makes me look more mature haha. Everyone gives me crap everywhere I go, the rumor has it that I hurt my leg playing twister with oil on the mat.
I actually am getting pretty bored staying inside and having to "calm down" with all my activities and active play. I can't wait for my leg to heal so I can hit the gym and play some more racquetball. I need to make new friends because I have a lot of friends but they are all busy and at different stages of life then I am. AKA married and I mostly just hang out with my family now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The weekend

I had a pretty good weekend. My friend Nikki and I were suppose to go out to lunch on Friday but she ditched me for a doctors appointment, pretty lame I know, but it's all good because we are trying to go every other Friday until my life is extremely busy when I start up at the Child and Family Empowerment Center.
Instead of lunch I went to the Mudrows early. The Mudrows are like my second family, we are really close and Laurie and I are like best friends. We could talk to each other for hours and never get bored. And thats what we did, she calls me bubble fritzer cuz I can go on forever. I taught her how to use emotional freedom techniques for stress and I think she must have pushed to hard on the sore spot because now her chest is bruised and sore haha. Tanner is going to be in a movie called Scout Camp opening in January, it is going to be played locally and at Sundance and somewhere else. For being 12 yrs old he sure does have a natural ability for acting. Everyone loves him. Mikayla is dancing and is getting really good at it, she is such a character. Lance just started high school and Josh comes home from his mission in Novemeber YEAH!!!
On Saturday I met this new guy that my friend set me up with, his name is Roberto. He was pretty cool. We hung out and talked for 3 hours. It was fun. My brother came over with his kids and they are so adorable. He has 2 well Alijah is not his but he treats her as if she is and he and his girlfriend just had a baby 3 months ago named Deja she is so cute.
Sunday somehow I got conned into cooking dinner because I said I wanted Manicotti. Manicotti is one of my signature dishes and since my step dad doesn't know how to cook it, I was assigned to it. It turned out pretty good. Later we went to visit my grandma. She was extremley anxious and upset because my aunt who has been abusing her, has found out where she lives and she fears she is going to come and cause a seen or hurt her. She has a restraining order against her but she doesn't care she has already broken it when we had my grandma in central Utah. Nothing ever happens to her they just shake their fingers and say don't do it again. My aunt has hired the best lawyers Yangitch but he quit cuz she crazy and now she hired another one something with an S that is suppose to be the best criminal defense lawyer in Utah. She stole my grandmas house and still wont give back some of the family heirlooms and grandmas belongings. I am taking my grandma to the sandy police station after work today to see what we can do, and to make sure the restraing order is still valid her in SL county. It makes me so mad that she can continue to hurt my grandma, my aunt has been able to push back the court dates for over a year now because she keeps hiring and firing her lawyers grrrr the justice system is corrupt. I'm going to write her judge.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just another day in Paradise

Upon much anticipation and request I have created a blog. YEAH!!! haha right. I really just wanted to be blogged stalked.
So today I entered work to be penetrated with a piercing stench that made me wish I did not have a sense of smell. This reak was so powerful and unbecoming that it made my nose sting and my eyes water. I ran for my office in hopes that I could ecscape the smell of blubbery peed mildew bum scum filthy three week old never been washed body odor that seemed to be permeating the booking area. I got into my office only to gasp "good, gads what is that smell" It was bareable in my office, so I got to work checking on the status of inmates and seeing where they were at and who was coming up next to evaluate. I became use to the faint smell in my office and didn't think another thing of it. Until.... the booking Sergeant came over and asked me to go talk to someone in H1. I told him I would. So I got up and stepped out of my office only to be slammed by three week old nasty bum juice. I hoped it wasn't coming from the person I was about to go talk to. As I approached the cells the smell grew stronger and stronger until I stopped in front of the cell where my inmate was. To my horror and utter disbelief the smell was so overpowering I almost needed a gas mask to open my mouth to speak. I tried to ask a few questions but ran out of air, i turned away to get some fresher air. The inmate began to yell at me and told me she wasn't going to answer any of my questions she stood up to move and I really wished she hadn't because in that moment this 300 pound girl kicked up her waff and it nearly pummelled me to the floor, I had to stagger backwards to catch my breath. Officers were wearing masks to come closer to us, I unfortunatley did not have one with me. I had to brave the nauseauly repulsive air solo. The moral of the story is guns dont kill people, people can kill people just as well with their body odor. Come on people take a shower!!!