Friday, April 9, 2010

The Temple

To update everyone and to bring you all to speed.... I just bought a town house in clearfield that is pretty sweet I should be closing on it by the end of this month YEA!!! PS yes I am taking Uncle Sam up on his 8 G's. Its a great time to buy and if your in the market you might as well buy now and get a kick back.

I am still working at the jail as a mental health therapist. It is a lot of fun and I like the people I work with. We are switching up the way we do mental health there and I will now only be running groups. I think it will be a good balance and a lot of fun. Change is always good right?

I also am working at the Trauma Awareness and Tx center. We specialize in trauma and they are filling me up with clients fast. All of them are heavy trauma cases and most my clients can be classified as seriously and persistenty mentally ill (SPMI) for short. Needless to say with all these things happening at once I have been very stressed out and anxious. So I decided I need to start going to the temple regularly and ground myself better. I need to start taking care of myself better, mentally, spiritually and physically.

I called up my mom to see if she wanted to go to the temple with me since she hates going by herself. I always feel so calm and relaxed and at peace when I am in the temple. But tonight there was something so touching and beautiful to see that I was overcome with emotion.

There was this older couple that had to be in their 90's. AS I stood there in the celestrial room with my mom talking. I witnessed this couple find eachother and with tears in their eyes looked at eachother with so much love and I heard the women say, "wasn't that wonderful, isn't this wonderful." Her husband to had tears in his eyes and said it was beatiful, he then took her in his arms and together they held eachother as they wept tears of joy and expressed their love for eachother. I am single but when I get married I want it to be someone who will love me like that, someone I can grow old with and still be so in love.

It made me think about how the next life will be, seeing how they were very advanced in years. I could almost picture them when they die and one passes on before the other. they would be there amoungst the crowds in heaven waiting, searching looking to embrace eachother again and say wasn't life wonderful isn't heaven wonderful? I am very grateful that I was blessed enough to be able to catch this very private moment with this couple and to be so touched by it. I thought I would take the time and share it.

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Michelle Stott said...

It was so fun to hear an update! Congrats on the home! Good luck with the job and aren't you going on some humanitarian thing soon. You are always doing such great things. Hope all is well and take care!